The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee. (Short Review)

Hello Readers. Today I am going to talk about this book by Chitra Banerjee called, The palace of illusions. This is a book based on the Mahabharata. It is a mythological retelling from the eyes of one of the most important characters in the Mahabharata, Paanchali. She was the Princess of Paanchal, Daughter of King Draupad, wife of the 5 sons of Kunti and Pandu, the Pandavas.

We all must have at least once in our lifetime heard about the story of the Mahabharata and how it took place. But this story is different. It tells you about Draupadi’s life, how she was born, about her life during the days she spent in her fathers kingdom. Her bond with her brother, Dhrishtdyumna and Krishna, her childhood friend. Most of all, it tells you about the Mahabharata, the war of Kurukshetra, from Draupadi’s point of view.

All of you must be knowing the basic story of Mahabharat, so I’ll spare you the details and directly jump on to what I felt about the book.

This is my first ever mythological re-telling novel because I always felt that it would be very difficult to understand the terms and the high language. I am very much interested in this genre, and so I gave it a shot. And I am really happy I read The palace of illusions. The language is very easy to understand. From what knowledge I have of Mahabharata, the story is more or less the same. A few things which I have never heard about were :

1.] Draupadi’s and Karna’s (Kunti’s eldest son whom she left on the riverbank the day he was born) Love story. Yes. I researched a bit about it on google and there are a few who say this is true. But it was a new thing to me. 2.] The tiff between Kunti and Draupadi. I have only watched serials about the Mahabharata and unknown to this. I always thought of Kunti as a sweet, gentle person. 3.] From what I know, Draupadi loved Arjun and Shubadra’s son, Abhimanyu. But there is no such mention in the book.

Apart from this, everything was pretty much the same as what I have heard from parents or the Tv series. The book is written really well. It shows the reader a different angle of the war that took place, the way Draupadi, a woman saw it. Her struggles throughout her life, her fear and her strengths, how it all moulded her to be the strong woman she was. Also, her role in the war of Kurukshetra. How she supported her husbands all throughout their life, even in the forest. Her friendship with Krishna, who was always there for her. Her bond with her brother, Dhristdyumna. Everything was written in a simple way. At some places I felt that the chapter or that particular scene was incomplete or abrupt. It could have been a bit better and detailed. But it gave the gist of it.

If you are reading this book then make sure you read it in a day or two, without many distractions or halts. It will be a bit difficult to catch up if you pick the book after a week. Also, if you are wondering why the book is called The palace of Illuions, you will come to know while reading. I would recommend you to read the book if you are really interested in mythology but don’t understand a lot of tough words and language.

Thank you for Reading it. Let me know in comments if you liked my review or if you would want me to add something in my future reviews. If I had to give stars to this book, I would give a 4/5. It was a great read.



Book Amigo Unboxing and Review

Hello Readers. I’m back with another fun unboxing and review for all of you. It is a book sleeve again and it is a new launch from a company who make customized bookish items, called Offbeat_magick. So because it is such a new item, I thought some of you might want to know about the quality, material, how many books it can hold, what are the prints available, etc. And hence, here I am, to help you.


So I ordered this last week and I got it within a few days only. The delivery was fast and there was no damage of products. When I bought this  particular sleeve, I got it for 300 INR because there was an offer going on. The sleeve or amigo as we call it, actually costs 350 INR including shipping. They had various designs which were irresistable to buy, but I wanted to check the quality of the product before buying more.

Designs- They have all four hogwarts houses book amigos available. There are other designs too including two “Currently Reading” designs. I ordered the Ravenclaw Design. (Picture shown above)

Size- The sleeve is 11.5 x 7.5 inches and is quiet big. It can accomodate 3 thin books at a time. You can fit in 2 big books (like Before I fall and Fangirl) together. One hardcover book can be carried in this beautiful book amigo. ( I could fit my copy of Final Girls by Riley Sager, although I could not close the sleeve with the velcro strap, but it protects my book nicely)

Prints- About the print, The print was a tiny bit stretched but it was okay. It still looks pretty. If you are very much concerned about the stretching of the print, then go for the Currently Reading Amigo, because those are perfect. If you do not mind the print being stretched then go for the Hogwarts Houses amigo. ( Will link the shop and their instagram page at the end so you can check them out). Also, the print was stretched because they had to fit the design in the centre, because unlike other designs, which have multiple images, this one has only one image.

The quality of the material- The main, important thing that you look for in a sleeve. The material is quiet good. It is soft and very cushiony. Has a velcro at the top to close the sleeve. The material is not cotton like, but it is good.

My opinion about the book amigo- It was at a good price, reasonable price. It came very fast. The material was good and the print looked amazing (except it was stretched which I did not mind much). It is quiet spacious and cushiony too. The size is perfect. I would buy many more (and hope the price does not hike soon lol). If you are looking for a book sleeve with more fandom designs then go for this book amigo. I do not know of any other shop who makes fandom sleeves.

I also won a competition held by them (@offbeat_magick). So my design will be printed on the amigo. It is a The Fault In Our Stars themed amigo and I am a big fan of the book. So you can expect that by the end of this month.

For any questions, quries and reviews drop in a comment or a DM on instagram. Thanks for reading. Link to the shop and intagram accounts have been given below. Happy reading.

Offbeat_magick Instagram page link

A link to their shop

Link to my Instagram




My first ever book sleeve

Hi guys! Back witIMG_20170829_135227_811h another short blog post for you guys. This one is about the first ever book sleeve I owned. Not first actually, second. Anyway, So those who do not know what a book sleeve is, it is a small bag kind off which is soft and will protect your books from damage. It is soft and cushiony to save your lovely books from any kind of damage that might occur when you travel with them. It is perfect to carry your books when you are traveling out station or even when you go to college or office and want to carry you books with you. This particular sleeve can accommodate 3 medium-sized thin books. If the books are big and fat then 2 books. It may fit one hardcover, but I wouldn’t try to fit in two because it might get damaged or loose. (Pictures with 3 and 2 books attached below)

So I ordered this booksleeve from a site @bleeves_ on instagram a few weeks ago. It is a well-known brand who make booksleeves. The sleeve arrived a bit late but it was worth it. It was steam ironed and very beautiful. They have very few designs (or maybe they were sold out when I went shopping on their site), So I ordered the Alice in wonderland design. I would however prefer other designs but I was desperate to have a book sleeve because I wanted to protect my books from damage.

The cost of the sleeve was 350 INR at the time when  I ordered it. The price has been hiked to 399 INR recently. This includes the shipping cost too.

According to me, the sleeve is really worth the price and I would 100% order more from them. They have recently launched new designs and I would recommend you to go and grab them before they go out of stock again. I will link the shop below and you can go check them out. I will link their instagram handle too for you guys to look.

The only thing I would say is that there should be more designs. Except that, everything was perfect. If you find good designs that you like then don’t think twice, buy it.

Thanks for Reading. If you have any questions the you can ask me in the comment, email me on twinklemodireadersblog@gmail.com or on my Bookstagram account.

Link to @bleeves_

Link to their Shop

Link to my bookstagram



Featheryneoncrate (August Box Full Unboxing)

Hi guys! I am back with another fun unboxing. I received the @featheryneoncrate August Box for a review. They are a new subscription box and they started their box in August itself! So lets get to the unboxing first and then a short review after which I will tell you about their cost and will link their shop below.


So their box basically contains one book (of your choice or the book of the month depending on the theme). Their August box was a welcome box and there was no particular theme. We got to select our own book. I was given a list of books or I could choose any book I liked. The book will be revealed later.

There were 7 items in the box. Including the book.

1 book of your choice
1 book mark
1 notebook 
1 bookish
1 Puzzle 
1 Chocolate 
1 Surprise Item

These were the items that came in the box. They were all amazing and bookish items which was lovely. Apart from all these items, because it was my birthday in August, I also received a cute Belated Happy Birthday card and a small little paper kinda bag with happy bithday written on it. I was not expecting a birthday present in the box and it was a really sweet gesture.


So the first item, a book of my choice. I selected the book Final girls to be included in my box. When I got the box, I thought it would be a paperback. But to my surprise it was a hardcover. I loved the book which came in amazing condition and was not damaged, thanks to the bubble wrap they used to cover it. (already started reading. Review soon)

Second item was a bookmark. It is a ACOTAR series bookmark. It has a picture of Rhysand on it. I haven’t read the series , although I am going to soon. The bookmark is very pretty and looks awesome.

Next, Third item was a notebook. It has Obssesive reading disorder written on it. It is the cutest book i have seen. Loved it. Picture attached if you wanna look at it. It is really beautiful.

Fourth item is a game of thrones batch with the picture of the Iron throne and Ned stark sitting on it. OMG. I am so happy I started watching game of thrones so I can now love this awesome batch.


The next item, fifth, is a puzzle. Winne the pooh puzzle. It is a cute puzle I solved right after I finished unboxing.

Sixth item, was a lolipop. Yum. Who doesn’t love lolipop? This was the chocolate

Seventh item was a surprise. A cute teddy bear keychain, and for me, the little happy birthday bag and the beautiful handmade card. The Card did really surprise me. Things like these makes me want to support these upcoming boxes and make them more popular. They are so personal and everything. I have attached pictures of all the items sperately below for you to view.

These were all the items in my box for august. I am their september rep so you can expect one more unboxing by them this month. As a rep I have a code which you can use to get discounts. DM me on instagram (@twinklemodireaderbog or @thereadersabode) for the code. Check @featheryneoncrate on instagram for september sneak peeks. Their september theme is Man booker prize, So you get a book that has won this prize in the past or a book that has been nominated for the same in 2017. October theme has been revealed too, So go check their page out. Link to their Instagram account is http://nl.ink361.com/app/users/ig-5727005759/featheryneoncrate/photos


Now, The short review. I really loved the box. As I have already said a million times that I loved how they sent me a birthday card which was handmade, was really amazing. The items were nice, properly packed in a bubble wrap and were not damaged by any chance. The price of their box is 899/- In which I got a hardcover book with so many other awesome things. This was just their first box and I feel it was pretty good for a first box and at a reasonable and affordable price. I am sure it is going to be better and even more amazing in september so stop being lazy and go book yourself one. ShopLink  https://featheryneoncrate.com/

Thanks for reading.


Box.Of.Tales Unboxing (August box)

Hi guys! It has been long since I have posted. Today’s post is going to be very special as it is an unboxing post of my first ever book box and my birthday special box.

So my first ever book box was by box.of.tales. I’m going to write about it in short below, about all the items and the overall experience.

First of all, why box of tales? My first reason was that they had 3 books in their Ace box, which i found pretty amazing. Second, everything was related to stationaryand I loved that.

Now lets talk about the items in the box.


Bookmarks: I recieved 6 bookmarks in this box. 3 were hand made (two with beautiful quilling done and one corner bookmark). One of them was a special birthday bookmark (the one that says- 5 ways to become a better reader.. that was a birthday special). Other two were box of tales printed bookmarks. I loved them all. For a bookmark hoarder like me , that was amazing.

Zip Pouch: There was a pretty zip pouch which included a couple of things in it. Two book buttons in the colour blue and green (That was the theme #breen). Next there was a keychain with my name on it in the colour green. The pouch also included 2 decorative sellotapes in it which I loved. Next there were 2 pencils in the colour blue and green. One book nerd batch which looks awesome. That was everything inside the cute pouch.

Photo Frame and Photo: The box included a lovely photo frame and a bookish picture too in it which said my favorite lines “So many books, so little time.” Isn’t that true?

Paperclip bookmark: The box had a cute paperclip bookmark with a small black and white owl on it (Black being my favorite colour, they sent it in black).

Mug: Amazing coffee mug, also in black colour because they knew how I loved black. (Bithday special yay)

Mr.Blob: Okay, I don’t think that is his full name but I am going to call this cute little monster that. He is the cutest and my favorite item in the whole box, Literally!

SunSign Book: They sent a cute little Leo book for my birthday. How cute!

BookBag: Again, Birthday special, a red colour book bag which can be made small and folded into a small pouch kind off when not required. Finally something I can carry all my books into.

Incence Sticks: These were birthday Special too. They smell Amazing ah.

Folder: I have a lot of these folders but I got one blue folder in the box too and I immediately filled all the bookmarks in there. (Not my idea, I read it somewhere that I could use it in that way)

Letters: The box had a personal Email printed from the author of the book Ajaya-The roll of dice. (The book was in the box, obviously!) And a special handwritten letter too. Wow!

Tsunamika doll: That was a birthday special too. A tsunamika doll. Which I am going to use as a bookmark.

These were all the items in the box. Now the main and the best part, the BOOKS.

So this was their ACE box and hence I got 3 books. They were so nicely wrapped (which i tore off because I couldn’t wait). The books were as follows:


1.) Mirages of the mind by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi – Paperback

2.)Ajaya- Roll of the dice by Anand Neelakantan -Paperback

3.)The Tusk that did the damage by Tania James -Hardcover

All in all, I loved the box. The outer box was hand painted and my name was written which felt so personal. It was an amazing experience which I had as my first book box ever (and it was their first box too). I loved everything there was in the box and the books, cannot wait to read them. These were books I knew I would never buy myself so I am happy I got them in this beautiful box.

Thankyou Box.of.tales for giving me this amazing experience. Hope to have many more.





Everything Everything

everything everything 1

Genre : Young adult fiction

Published : September 2015

Author : Nicola Yoon

Hello everyone.. So a few days back I saw this book called everything everything on instagram and I thought that the cover was so amazing. I immediately went to the bookstore because I couldn’t wait until ordering it online and then it would reach to me in a few days. I just wanted the book.

So yesterday I started reading this book at around midnight and I finished reading it within 24 hours(with alot of disturbances including sleep ) .. Yes i was that excited to read it. Although there was a point where I felt like putting it down because I thought the story was too predictable.. I didn’t and I must say that was the best decision I made.


Let’s hop into the book.. This book starts with Madeline a teenage girl who has just turned 18.. But she doesn’t have an ordinary life.. She is sick and there is no cure to her disease called SCID [severe combined immunodeficiency] . So basically she is allergic to the world. She cannot go outside her house or meet anyone besides her mother who is a doctor and her nurse Carla who has been with her ever since she remembers. She has a small life with very few people in it.. she is home schooled through skype and she loves reading. Despite all this she is happy with her mother and Carla whom she loves the most.

For Madeline, everyday was the same.. Yesterday like it is today and today like it will be tomorrow, Until one day when Oliver or Olly as they call him enters her life. Things change like they have never before. This new family moves in in the house opposite to their. Gradually and eventually they become friends through E-mailing each other. Olly doesn’t know about Madeline’s illness. They talk for hours and hours through the internet but never in person.


When Carla gets to know about them, she lets them meet. They cannot touch each other or come close to each other, but they can meet, thanks to Carla. The only problem is that Maddy’s mother doesn’t know about this. Madeline cannot believe she was meeting someone apart from Carla and her Mom, and she has never been happier. But this wasn’t going to last long.. As soon as her mother realizes what was going on , she fires Carla.

Madeline is destroyed. She doesn’t know what to do. She loved Carla and couldn’t get over losing her. She finally decides to live. If she’s going to die , she wants the last day of her life to be the best day she every had. With Olly she leaves her house which he hadn’t left ever since she was born and travels to Hawaii, a place she did not remember visiting,  when she was 4 months old, 2 months before her brother and father died. She wanted to explore the beaches the ocean the world.. and she did.
everything everything



On the last day of their little trip, she is sick.. very sick. She thinks she is dying and she does.. her heart stops beating but only for a while. Olly rushes her to the hospital and she is saved. Her mother brings her back home. Maddy thinks she fell sick because she met Olly.. if she hadn’t met him she wouldn’t want to go out.. live more.. love someone. So she stops talking to him. Even after countless efforts to contact her.. Olly couldn’t and after a few months Olly and his family moves out.

This is where the story takes a deep turn.. the biggest plot twist.. You must read the book to find the rest.. Trust me on this. this is not any ordinary teenage sickness book. What happens next is the most unexpected.

I really loved this book.. I don’t know if I would read it again but I will watch the movie for sure. Hope you liked what I wrote. Any suggestions please let me know I will be the most happiest person to bring a positive change.

Thank you So much

Twinkle Modi


Welcome To My Blog

Hi guys..I’m Twinkle.. I absolutely love reading.. I have an Instagram account where I post pictures of my books.. I don’t have a lot of books as i have a lot  to study ( I’m a medical student) so i read whatever I can in my free time.. In this blog I am planning to post reviews about books which I read.. My favorite kind of books are thrillers and fantasy books.. I like love stories too but to a certain extent and if the story is different.. I’m completely new to this and so if I make some mistakes, spare me. I hope this blog will be a success.. Thanks for being here and giving your support.. It really means a lot to me..